Sixth Form

A Level Course Listing

Choosing which A Level subjects to take is a big decision. We offer a choice of 24 subjects, enabling you to build a programme suited to you.

Most students study three A Levels (unless they are also taking Maths with Further Maths) which can be reflected with three strong A Level grades and supported by evidence of activities outside of A Level courses, which UK universities now require.

Which subjects are right for me?

Consider the following when thinking about your choices.

  • Which subjects do you really enjoy and want to study?
  • Which subjects are you good at (aim for a grade 7 or above in these at GCSE)?
  • Which subjects might help you build an academic profile for your university or career aspirations?
  • If you haven’t studied a ‘new’ subject before, investigate really carefully the course content and demands.
  • Think carefully about the combination of subjects. Do you want broad and wide-ranging (e.g. Maths, Economics, and French) or specialising in a group of closely related subjects such as languages or sciences.