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Boarding provides the highest octane of College life and offers an inclusive environment where the unique backgrounds and perspectives of boarders are shared and celebrated, and lifelong friendships are made. Our vibrant boarding community thrive on shared experiences and meaningful connections which develop from living together in our welcoming home away from home boarding houses.

Our Boarding Experience

Boarding with us is wonderful preparation for what you will encounter in life after school. We recognise the significance of independence and provide a structured yet flexible environment that encourages self-reliance and personal responsibility; all under the nurturing guidance of our friendly staff.

Boarding Options

Prep School

7-13 years

Our Prep School boarders live in Grimwade House; a mixed boarding house for boys and girls aged 7 to 13 years.

Senior School

13 - 18 years

There are four Senior School boarding houses. Two for boys; Robert Pearce House and Rowe House and two for girls; Trotman House and Young House.

Full boarding

Seven nights a week

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Full boarding

Full boarding is particularly suited to those pupils who live abroad or UK pupils who want the opportunity to enjoy a full boarding experience. Free weekends take place each term so pupils can return home or stay with guardians if they wish.

Weekly boarding

Five or six nights a week

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Weekly boarding

Weekly boarding is particularly suited to families where parents are working long hours and regularly travel for work, or for pupils wanting to be surrounded by their friends throughout the week. Pupils boarding five nights a week can do so between Sunday and Thursday or between Monday and Friday.

Weekly boarders wishing to board for six nights, can do so, without the need to become a full boarder.

Flexi boarding

Between one and four nights a week

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Flexi boarding

Flexi boarding is particularly suited to families where parents work varied hours, who live some distance from the College, or for pupils who regularly take part in College evening events or activities. Flexi boarding is offered subject to availability in the boarding houses.

“Boarding at the College is like having a second family.”

Lower Fifth (Year 10), Full Boarder

Discover our boarding houses and the welcoming boarding community that awaits you.