Weekends and Socials

Life at the College is not only focused on academic success and individual growth, but also includes ample opportunities for fun and enjoyment through a diverse range of evening and weekend extracurricular activities.

Through our trips programme and our sports and creative outlets, we encourage boarders to explore their passions and discover new talents. From team sports, arts, music ensembles, and outdoor adventures, our programme of weekend activities recognises the world our boarders will enter and the skills they need in order to progress.


Evenings are a time for prep and relaxation and our boarders are free to choose how they spend their time. Following supper and supervised prep time, boarders either take advantage of our sports hall, gym and music room facilities or choose to relax with friends in their houses. For our Prep School boarders, organised activities and arts and crafts are also set up in the evenings.

Weekend Activities

Our weekend programme brings together a mixture of new skills, fun, and team building activities, enriching boarders’ time with us. Saturdays provide a balance between sports match representation (for squad members), off site trips, on campus social activities, and downtime; enabling boarders to relax after a busy week. At points during the year, Saturdays will also provide opportunities for revision guided by academic staff and support with UCAS entries.

Activities such as sailing, driving, rock climbing, self-defence, orienteering, camping, and canoeing are on offer to help pupils develop resilience and where possible, gain qualifications.

Regular off site trips for Senior School and Prep School boarders across the year provide a balance between culture, fun, and resilience building.

Cultural Trips

Sports Experiences

Confidence Building

Parties and Socials

Theme Parks and Seaside Visits