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The Modern Face of Independent Education

You will look, as you must, at several schools for your children. You will, of course, be looking for the best fit that offers the best future.

Some schools will perform very well academically but will lack breadth when it comes to the range of sports, activities, and interest clubs that make up the rounded person. Some schools will offer a large array of opportunities, but will be somehow locked in the past, not fully keeping pace with what the pupil needs right now to make the most of their immediate future.

We offer the whole package: breadth of opportunities and depth of academic enquiry, both within a future oriented climate of endeavour that recognises tomorrow more than yesterday.

Qualifications and Qualities

Academic qualifications are a prime focus for us at the College, yet we know that qualifications alone will not suffice for a life fully lived. Human qualities of decency and kindness are also a large part of the ticket to success. Together, qualifications and qualities are what an education for today and tomorrow must deliver.

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“The down-to-earth atmosphere here is, in fact, the perfect launch pad for outstanding performance from our children.”


Breadth and Balance

Opportunities. So many opportunities. In the classroom, on the sports fields, in the clubs and societies. The chance – right there in front of you to get involved. All in one place, on our campus. The whole works.

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“I will leave knowing that I can do things – a lot of things, some of them, I hope, very well”.


Community Spirit

We recognise the world our pupils will be entering and the skills they need. Learning to collaborate, to be a team player, to become friends with diverse, different people, will happen. Here there is a togetherness where none of us is as important as all of us.

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“All pupils, day or boarders, belong to a House and it is the fulcrum of their life here. It’s a wonderful preparation for what they will encounter in their lives after school.”


"The ethos created reflects the placing of strong personal development and high achievement in fields academic, creative, sporting or musical at the heart of the College’s vision and practice."

ISI Inspection Report