Through our scholarship programme, we aim to foster and celebrate excellence. Scholarships are awarded to candidates who show outstanding talent, based on ability and potential.

Scholarship Awards

  • 10+/Year 6 entry – academic and music
  • 11+/Year 7 entry – academic, music, art and sport
  • 13+/Year 9 entry – academic, music, art and sport
  • 16+/Sixth Form entry – academic, music, art, sport and drama

Scholarship categories

All fee remissions related to scholarship awards are based on the day fee, to provide parity of financial benefit between day pupils and boarders.

Scholarships with a fee discount

Honorary scholarships with no financial benefits

Financial Assistance Awards

The Scholarship Programme aims to reward and further encourage talented pupils. In addition, financial support may be available through our separate means-tested Financial Assistance Awards scheme.

For families keen to apply for a scholarship for their child, but concerned about affording the fees, we would encourage you to apply for a means-tested Financial Assistance Award at the same time. Please be assured that the Scholarship Programme and Financial Assistance Award applications are considered entirely separately and the need for financial assistance does not influence the outcome of the scholarship application. See our Assistance with Fees page for full details.

Scholarship Assessments

Prep School

Senior School

Sixth Form

Recommended level of sports performance for Senior School scholarship application

Key Dates

Prep School 10+ 11+ Scholarships

13+ and 16+ Academic Scholarships

13+ and 16+ Art, Music and Drama Scholarships

13+ and 16+ Sport Scholarships


What is the difference between a scholarship and a bursary?

At what age can my child apply for a scholarship?