Age 13 to 16

Senior School

In our Senior School we will fire your child’s imagination, allow them to explore opportunities, and give them the skills to succeed and be happy in whatever field they choose.

Our aim is to ensure a process of all round growth; academically, morally, spiritually, physically, and creatively. Your child will be encouraged, taught, and challenged to fulfil their true potential by being immersed in an environment of discovery and wholehearted participation.

Through their time with us, your child will be supported to become a confident, well-rounded, and interesting young person. They will leave here well prepared for life beyond school, with a combination of abilities, some social, some academic and with choices – choices as to where to direct their efforts and enthusiasm.

Kathy Crewe-Read
College Head

“Pupils grow steadily in self-confidence and independence, well supported by the curriculum and teaching.”

ISI Inspection 2017


Academic qualifications are the gateway into the universities and career your child will wish to enter. As such they are a prime focus for us.


Beyond the Classroom

The feel of the College is always forward-looking, recognising from the start the sort of world our pupils will be entering and the skills they need.


Pastoral Care

Encouraging your child to reach their full potential is key to everything we do, and supporting their wellbeing is fundamental to achieving this.


Examination Results

Much of what a really good school does is not readily quantifiable. Nevertheless, measurement, particularly in the area of academic performance is important.


Joining our Sixth Form is an exciting step in your child’s academic journey. We aim to make this transition as seamless as possible.

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