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General Privacy Notice for the Public Using our Facilities

How we use your information



This Notice helps you understand how and why we collect personal information about you and what we do with that information.  It also explains the decisions that you can make about your own information.

What is Personal Information?

Personal information is that which identifies you as an individual and specifically relates to you. This includes your contact details and financial information.  CCTV, photos and video recordings of you are also personal information.

How and Why do we Collect and Use Personal Information?

We set out below examples of the different ways in which we use personal information and where this comes from.

  • We obtain information about you from our online or paper booking systems to supply services such as tickets for events or arranging venue hire with you.
  • We use CCTV to make sure the campus is safe. It is not used in private areas e.g. toilets.
  • We may use your information in the unlikely circumstance you make a complaint.
  • We may send you information to keep you up-to-date with other College events.

Financial Information

  • We need to process your financial information in relation to transactions you make.

Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties

  • We may need to share some information with our insurance company or police e.g. if there is an incident at the College.
  • We may need to share information if there is an emergency, for example, if you are hurt whilst on our premises.
  • We sometimes use contractors to handle personal information on our behalf for example:
    • IT consultants who might access information about you when checking the security of our IT network.
    • We may use third party “cloud computing” services to store some information rather than the information being stored on hard drives located on site.

Your Personal Data collected by us will mostly remain within the College and will be handled only by staff in accordance with access protocols i.e. on a ‘need to know’ basis.

Our Legal Grounds for using your Information

The following contains information about the legal basis that we rely upon when handling your information as described above.

Legitimate Interests

This means that we are using your information when this is necessary for our legitimate interests except when this would be unfair to you.  We rely on legitimate interests for the ways in which it uses your information. Specifically, we have a legitimate interest in;

  • promoting the objects and interests of the College; and
  • ensuring that all our relevant legal obligations are complied with (for example in relation to safety).

If you object to us using your information where we rely on our legitimate interests as explained above please speak to us.

Necessary for a Contract

We will need to use your information in order to perform our obligations under our contract with you e.g. to supply tickets for an event or hire a room to you.

Legal Obligation

We may have to disclose your information to third parties if legally obliged to do so.

Vital Interests

In limited circumstances we may use your information to protect your vital interests or the vital interests of someone else (e.g. if you or they are seriously hurt).

Legal Claims

We are allowed to use your information if it is necessary in relation to legal claims e.g. this allows us to share information with our legal advisors and insurers.

We may take photographs or videos of you at events to use on social media, on our website or in other marketing communications.  This helps us promote the College.  We may seek specific consent before using a photograph or video recording where we consider that the use is more privacy intrusive.

For How Long do we Keep Your Information?

We will keep your information for a maximum of one year but longer e.g. if you have consented to us providing you with information about future events.

What Decisions Can You Make about your Information?

From May 2018 data protection legislation gives you a number of rights regarding your information.  These rights are as follows:

  • If information is incorrect you can ask us to correct it.
  • You can also ask what information we hold about you and be provided with a copy, plus tell you why we use it, where it came from and who we have sent it to.
  • You can ask us to delete information we hold about you in certain circumstances.  For example, where we no longer need the information.
  • You can ask us to send you, or another organisation, certain types of information about you in a format that can be read by computer.
  • Our use of information about you may be restricted e.g. if you tell us the information is inaccurate, we can only use it for limited purposes while we check its accuracy.

Further Information and Guidance.

This Notice explains how we use your personal information. If you have any questions please contact the Data Manager.

If you consider that we have not acted properly when using your personal information you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.

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