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Through the support of our outstanding drama team, your child will be exposed to a rich tapestry of artistic and theatrical development.

They will engage in enriching academic experiences, work with specialist staff, collaborate with professional theatre companies and watch theatre come alive at professional performances. Your child will have access to a wide range of high quality practical and technical theatre resources, introduced in lessons and applied in performance workshops.

Outstanding features within our Drama Department include technology, resources, specialist staff, pupil voice, and extra-curricular provision.


Several productions are put on throughout the year including a whole school play, open to all pupils to audition, alternating between a classic drama and musical theatre piece every two years. One of the most anticipated events of the drama calendar, your child will be able to showcase their breadth of talent and ambition on centre stage.

Professional Learning Opportunities

Immersed in an environment to broaden horizons, your child will watch live performances both on site and further afield, exploring the UK’s diverse theatre culture. They will participate in workshops with visiting artists, observe and analyse practitioner masterclasses, and devise performances in collaboration with professional theatre companies.


Every two years our drama team lead a trip to one of the greatest arts festivals in the world, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, to devise, produce and perform an original play. Further trips abroad to explore foreign theatre cultures include American theatre and musicals, far eastern theatre puppetry and opera traditions, and African forms of theatre and dance.

Drama Society

Run by our Drama Prefect, ambassador and scholars, this society promotes the exploration of the arts for our Senior School pupils. Your child can explore their own passion for expression in theatre outside of their curricular and extra-curricular staff led activities. Through the promotion of pupil voice, the society puts on pupil led productions and diverse arts events.

Stage Tech Club

If the stage is not the preferred environment for your child, there are plenty of opportunities to be involved behind the scenes. Our Stage Tech club gives your child the chance to learn about backstage work and production design. Working together, pupils manage the backstage before, during and after performances, taking on dedicated stage crew roles, supporting the upkeep of the prop and costume store, and learning how to operate sound and lighting boards.

Drama Scholarships and Awards

Awarded to those who have demonstrated hard work, creative talent and ambition, our drama scholars play a pivotal role in running our drama society, promoting the subject to their peers, and encouraging passion for dramatic expression and freedom to explore the creative arts. Further awards are given to Lower Sixth students based on their dedication to drama both in and out of school, engagement in the creative arts education, and overall excellence in the subject.



Open to those looking to gain confidence and experience in speech, communication and performance, we are delighted to offer LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) lessons for our Prep and Senior School pupils.

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