A worldwide and one of the UK’s oldest and most respected organisations, we are delighted to offer your child London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA).

Open to those looking to gain confidence and experience in speech, communication and performance, we offer acting, verse and prose, and musical theatre training and examinations.

Whilst working towards examinations, your child will develop a strong speaking voice, reading fluency, a broader vocabulary, enhanced memory and improved English language and performance skills.

Taught by our highly qualified and experienced LAMDA staff, lessons work on a carousel system, ensuring your child will not miss the same academic lessons each week. LAMDA exams are about achievement, recognising and rewarding effort, but they are also about empowerment. Your child will have the opportunity to develop the life skills they need to be successful.

“I enjoy acting and needed to develop my skill set and confidence in order to progress. The classes are enlightening and fun!”