Age 7 to 13

Welcome to
Prep School

Our Prep School is a busy, thriving community full of possibilities. But we’re about far more than just being busy. For a start, doing lots of different things teaches your child how to prioritise – to take charge of what they are doing and when. Even more importantly, they will quickly find things they enjoy and become good at. Here, becoming good at things and enjoying doing them becomes normal. It becomes a habit.

It could start with music, which leads to drama, which leads to debating. We are confident that the vast selection of activities and interests here in our school will give your child confidence in themselves which will translate into their work in the classroom. The down-to-earth atmosphere here is, in fact, the perfect launch pad for outstanding performance.

Bill Toleman
Head of the Prep School

Our aim is to ensure your child is happy, confident, and well-motivated. We want them to enjoy coming to school and enjoy learning. Your child, as a result of their education with us, will be able to contribute constructively to society, and play a full role in it, whatever their chosen path.


Lessons which inspire, challenge, and expand your child’s thoughts.


Beyond the Classroom

We’re about more than just qualifications. Our wide-ranging opportunities beyond the classroom give your child the chance to further develop those key personal and social skills which will set them up for life.


Pastoral Care

Surrounded by kind, friendly, and attentive staff, there is always someone on hand for your child to seek advice or guidance from and talk to.


Transition to Senior School

Moving up to our Senior School is an exciting time for us, you, and your child. We are here to guide you through every step of the transition process.


“The school successfully meets its aim to be a place of learning with a broad and balanced curriculum that enables all pupils to fulfil their potential in everything they undertake."

ISI Inspection 2017