Prep School

Transition to the Senior School

By the time your child has reached their final year with us, they will feel fully prepared to embrace the challenges and excitement that await them in our Senior School. Our transition process aims to keep you informed, ensures your questions or concerns are answered, and that you feel assured your child is ready to take these next steps in their education journey with us.

All Prep School pupils progress to the Senior School at the end of the Upper Third (Year 8). Given satisfactory academic progress and good behaviour, pupils move to the Senior School automatically.

The transition process begins from the very start of your child’s Upper Third year with us when your family will be invited to attend an introductory evening with our College Head, and a selection of our Senior School pupils, followed by visits to our Senior School Houses to meet our Housemasters/Housemistresses and many other Senior School staff.

Throughout the year further transition and induction events take place for both you and your child. Here you can discuss any concerns you may have, discover the adventures that await your child, and understand the individuality of our Senior School. Meanwhile your child will be getting to experience Senior School life, building new friendships, and feeling confident about moving up to the next stage of their education.

"Pupils are extremely well prepared for the next stage of their education. They leave the school ready to meet their next set of challenges as capable, resilient and confident young people."

ISI Inspection 2017