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Whilst with us, your child will benefit from a journey that will be as unique as they are. Success will look different for every child, however the high expectations we have for all pupils remain the same.

Together, qualifications and qualities are what an education for today and tomorrow must deliver. Academic success is celebrated, and this is measured through a formal examination process.

GCSE Achievements 2023


Grades 9 – 7


Pupils achieved grade 9 in all their GCSEs


Grade 5 or above


Pupils joined our 10 Club*

*Pupils achieving 10 or more grades between 9 and 7

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2023 2022

A Level Achievements 2023


Pass Rate


Placed at a university of their choice


A* - B grades

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2023 2022


Value-Added is the outcome of extensive research conducted by CEM at Durham University which started over 30 years ago. Their research looks at the differences between baseline testing and examination results; the difference between the two being the ‘value-added’ by the educational institution. This is, in essence, a marker for the quality of teaching.

Baseline testing takes place in our Fourth Form when your child joins our Senior School and again in the Lower Sixth as they move into our Sixth Form. These tests predict your child’s GCSE or A Level grades. Through outstanding teaching and continuous assessment however, we can help your child reach their full potential, often exceeding those early grade predictions.

On average our A Level students gain at least half a grade better in their results than they might otherwise be expected to get.

We are a selective school based on academic ability, which is what we want. Despite this, our value-added score is probably one of the best in the country. We are consistently in the top 7% nationally for A Level*, which means that this school makes the greatest difference.

*based on three year average

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