Senior School

Pastoral Care

The pastoral care of your child is of primary importance to us, and at the heart of this is our House System, where the strong sense of belonging and the level of care between pupils across the year groups, and between pupils and staff is most evident.

Within our Houses, dedicated members of staff provide the main point of contact for pastoral issues and will give care, support, and guidance to your child. Our close-knit community of staff and pupils, ensures there is always someone to listen to your child and no pupil slips through the support net.

Learning Support

We are a diverse and inclusive learning community, committed to ensuring that your child has the support they need in order to access all aspects of College life, becoming confident learners and achieving their full potential.

Our Learning Support team comprises highly experienced members of staff who work across the College and work closely with teachers to ensure the support programme in place for your child is tailored to meet their specific needs. Several members of our staff are qualified Specialist Assessors and are therefore able to assess pupils, if requested by staff, for learning differences and eligibility for Access Arrangements for internal and external examinations.

Language Support for pupils whose first language is one other than English, is provided through our English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) team.

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