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Our music team takes having fun seriously. Your child, from Pre-Prep age all the way up to Sixth Form, will have numerous opportunities to explore their musical talents, learn to play instruments and participate in concerts. With a dual focus on inclusion and excellence, your child will thrive through guidance from our music team.

A huge number of pupils across our school are involved in a busy calendar of over 50 concerts every year.

Whether your child enjoys playing an instrument as a hobby, or decides to study music at university, our music team will nurture their passion. From House Music competitions and carol services to regular ensembles concerts and our spectacular open-air Summer Music Live event, your child will have every chance to be involved. Whether it’s behind the scenes or taking centre stage, no role is too small.

Concerts and Events

Our busy calendar of over 50 concerts every year, including soloists’ concerts, vocal and instrumental ensembles and large scale events means there is something for everyone to get involved in.

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Ensembles and Activities

Whatever age your child joins us, we are proud to offer a wide range of musical groups and activities to participate in.

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Music Lessons

With over 20 visiting teachers and 17 instruments to choose from, your child will receive expert tuition in the instrument of their choice.

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