Concerts and Events

Your child’s musical talents will be recognised and celebrated throughout the year in our busy calendar of intimate soloists’ concerts, vocal and instrumental ensembles and ambitious large-scale events. With over 50 concerts and events every year, there is something for everyone to get involved in.

Whilst your child is in our Prep School, they will appear in joint concerts alongside our Senior School pupils, not only to build excitement for opportunities yet to come, but to also see first-hand how their musical abilities can develop and grow.

Our exciting large-scale concerts challenge your child to perform difficult repertoire to a high standard.

House Music

An annual competition in both our Prep and Senior Schools, your child will represent their house in one of the most anticipated events of our calendar. Formed of three sections, opportunities to perform in the small group vocal and instrumental components are up for grabs, whilst everyone participates in the final group singing performance.

Our House System

Big Band

Renowned for its ambience, our Big Band Concert is another highlight of our calendar held every summer. An excellent showcase of our pupils’ jazz standards and vocal prowess, your child will have the chance to explore a genre of music they may be yet to discover.

Stars in their Eyes

An evening of fun, excitement and spectacle awaits when your child will have the opportunity to compete in our annual Stars in their Eyes concert. Inspired by their musical idols, participants compete as either a soloist singer, or as a band, for the coveted title as voted by the audience.

Ensembles and Choirs

With regular choral and ensembles concerts, carol services and overseas tours, your child can thrive with the opportunity to perform alongside their friends, play a varied and exciting repertoire, and strive for performances where scale of ambition and standard are uniformly high.

Summer Music Live

Our end of year musical phenomenon where your child’s talents will be showcased in an open air stage, playing big tunes from the stage and screen. All our ensembles, choirs, bands, and orchestras perform.