The Modern Face of Independent Education

Community Spirit

Our House system is where learning to collaborate, to be a team player, and to become friends with diverse, different people, will happen. Here there is a togetherness where none of us is as important as all of us. The highest-octane version of this is delivered by boarding with us, but all our pupils, day or boarders, belong to a House and it is the fulcrum of their life here.

The House is a wonderful preparation for what your child will encounter in their life after school. They are a central part of life for all our year groups and teaching staff. This strong sense of belonging and level of care between pupils across the year groups, and between pupils and staff, make Bishop’s Stortford College a very special place.

“The friendly teachers and the House system are my two favourite aspects of college life, because you feel supported no matter where you are in the College."


The diversity of backgrounds, nationalities, and ages here expands horizons and enriches everyone in our community. There is huge scope for bringing different people of different ages and nationalities together to learn from each other and enjoy each other’s company.

Whether it is our Sixth Form students helping in the Pre-Prep as part of their Duke of Edinburgh service, or lending a helping hand at a special event, or mentoring those in lower years, or all performing alongside each other at the annual ensembles concerts, such encounters are inspirational and empowering for all concerned. Our younger ones look up to our older students, and our older students have fun sharing their knowledge and experience.