A Level Course Listing


The A Level German course offers you an opportunity to enhance existing skills for a variety of possible futures in the spheres of Higher Education, employment and leisure. A key aim is to stimulate an appreciation of the cultural, historical, geographical and political background of the countries where German is spoken. This is complemented by the challenge and intellectual stimulation associated with the development of language skills.

Having already gained a good GCSE grade, you will be prepared for examinations which test the ability to speak, listen, read and write German in various registers. As a matter of routine, emphasis is placed on an appreciation and understanding of grammar rules and speaking fluency is prioritised.

The German Department is exceptionally well-resourced, and constantly updates its bank of electronic and hardcopy resources. You will have access to the Kerboodle e-book and accompanying resources designed for our AQA specification.  You will also benefit from the use of our excellent course specific online vocabulary learning platform Education Perfect as well as other electronic resources such as Wordwall and Quizlet. The department has an extensive collection of classic and modern feature films, but you will also have access to relevant video resources via our ClickView subscription. We have a good selection of German literature in the School Library and a subscription to the weekly German magazine Focus.

Subject specific classrooms are staffed by a team of dedicated and enthusiastic professionals, whose methodology seeks to combine the best of traditional and modern teaching practices.

You will benefit from weekly conversation sessions with our German assistant on a one-to-one basis and are able to participate in an annual Sixth Form Exchange with our partner school in Heikendorf, North Germany. This offers a key opportunity to boost spoken confidence as well to immerse yourself in German life and culture. Further opportunities to enhance cultural and linguistic awareness are also offered during the course.

Where can it lead?

As a native speaker of English with German at your fingertips, you will be gold dust in the future employment market. You bring not only your linguistic ability but a wide range of transferable skills, acquired through your A Level German course. Careers in Medicine, Engineering, International Law, Tourism, Politics, Marketing and Business are just a few of the options you could choose.

Course outline

Examination board: AQA 7662

Entry Requirements

At least a grade 6 at GCSE.


The German A Level consists of two written papers assessing listening, reading, writing skills as well as an internally examined speaking assessment. You will study four main topic areas and the focus is on Germany, German speaking countries and German society. You will also have the opportunity to study German film and literature at A Level.

Paper 1

Listening, reading and writing

This paper accounts for 50% of the overall grade and comprises of three parts; listening, reading and responding and translation. This paper draws on the themes of German society, artistic culture, multiculturalism and aspects of political life. The paper includes the ideas, vocabulary and grammar covered throughout the course.

Paper 2


This paper accounts for 20% of the overall grade. You will be expected to answer one essay question in German on a set film and one essay question on a set text.

Paper 3


This paper is an internally conducted assessment, lasting between 21 and 23 minutes. This paper accounts for 30% of the final grade and is divided into two parts; part one focuses on a card stimulus and draws on structures and vocabulary and cultural knowledge covered across the four themes, whilst part two is a student-led presentation/ discussion which allows you to research your own area of interest pertaining to the German-speaking world.