Sixth Form

Sixth Form Award

Our Sixth Form Award is a unique programme, bespoke to each individual. Designed to give you the opportunity to branch out and develop personally and professionally, the programme enables you to build a portfolio of skills and experiences, and create a path for your future that showcases the skills that universities and employers are looking for.

The Sixth Form Award works in partnership with our Careers and Higher Education team. You are encouraged to complete activities both in and out of the College, taking initiative and ownership of your individual Award.

You will have the opportunity to choose from a range of qualifications, EPQ (Extended Project Qualification), Mini-MBA (Master of Business Administration), IELTS (International English Language Testing System), Sports Leadership, CIE (Computer Science), as part of the Award but with external accreditation.

You might also join the many students who participate in a wealth of intellectual enrichment opportunities, either via our academic enrichment programmes, or through entering subject-based competitions. If you enjoy sport, art and design, or participate in music or performing arts, whether during the school day or in your own time, then these activities will contribute to your Award.

Leadership and volunteering are also key elements of our Sixth Form Award and allow you to control and shape your unique portfolio.

“I really enjoyed doing Ivy House* as it has helped me to build my confidence and it has taught me what characteristics a leader should have.”

*The Ivy House Award is a national initiative focused on developing leadership and life skills.

Upper Sixth international student


Activities within the award programme are divided into five themed bands and credits are awarded dependent on the level of commitment required. Some activities will gain you qualifications, others will build your experience.




Intellectual Curiosity