Sixth Form


A Levels are globally recognised, rigorous qualifications which train your mind to think in depth and critically and will best prepare you for university and beyond.

You will be stretched and encouraged by expert teachers who will prepare you for success, not only in exams, but also in how you approach the subjects, learning, and thinking more generally. Our Value Added is consistently in the top 7% nationally (based on a three year average).

“I love being able to customise my school experience through a more focused set of subjects and the ability to be a bigger part of my personal development programme and other extra-curricular activities.”

Sixth Form Student

Independent Learning

Teacher Support

Academic Clinics

Examination Practice

Academic Extension

There are plenty of opportunities to stretch yourselves beyond A Levels whilst in our Sixth Form.

  • A Scholars Programme will hone your thinking skills (important for university entrance tests) and introduce you to university-style seminars from subject experts
  • Subject societies provide many opportunities to enter Olympiads and a whole host of competitions – all building your supra-curricular profile
  • Oxbridge and Medics Programme
  • Each term we have visiting speakers giving lectures on a range of wider interesting topics. Recent speakers have come from the Bank of England and a Chief News Correspondent from Channel 4

If you want to do your own independent research into a topic of your choice, then the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is for you. Worth half an A Level, it provides the opportunity to explore an area that interests you well beyond your A Levels, learning undergraduate research skills along the way.

Sixth Form Learning Centre

During study periods, you can decide where you do your independent work. The Sixth Form Learning Centre, open from 8.00am to 5.15pm each day is a space just for you – and you can choose whether to work in a quiet area, get a group together to use the Board room to work on a project or grab a drink and work in the more relaxed central area. You can also work in the Senior School library or in your House. Several mornings a week you’ll also have the opportunity to use the gym during your study periods.

Language Support

If English isn’t your first language, you’ll get plenty of support from our English for Speakers of Other Languages team who will help you to prepare you for IELTS and Cambridge International exams.

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