Moving On

Our Sixth Formers face a challenging world in which they must make their way. Whilst we want your time with us to be fulfilling, rich and enjoyable, it is not an end in itself. School is just one phase of a whole life of learning and change in which you will need to show adaptability, resilience and initiative.

The attitude of a typical Stortfordian has a special quality about it, a quality which enables our young people to turn dreams into reality. An education at Bishop’s Stortford College, with all its possibilities, means you should be ready to contribute constructively to society and play a full role in it.

"The College has so many strengths but I believe it is the breadth, rather than the success of any one part, that is its true strength. You get so much more than simply passing exams. There is no other school in the area where you are able to succeed in any combination of academic, sport, drama, music, art and many other interest areas all at the same time, giving you the widest education possible and fulfilling your potential.”  SIXTH FORM LEAVER

In addition to the support that our students receive whilst at the College, ongoing support is also offered to recent leavers. There really is a world of opportunity out there and our ultimate goal, underpinned by the fantastic work of the Higher Education & Careers Department, is to instil students with the confidence, understanding and skills to take control of their future by making informed decisions, both now and later in life, whatever path they each choose to take.

Alumni of Bishop’s Stortford College, known as Old Stortfordians, can be found in so many different walks of life. Many have gone on to be highly regarded leaders and influencers in their field of work, be it industry, education, healthcare, politics, sport, the arts...

The Bishop’s Stortford College community extends beyond the school years through the Old Stortfordian Society. With thousands of members, it is a great way to keep in touch, both with each other and with the College.

Leavers' Destinations 2019

University Course Year of Entry
University of East Anglia Economics  2020
Imperial   Aeronautical Engineering 2019
Exeter Business and Management 2019
Canterbury Christ Church  Primary Education  2019
Bristol, University of the West of England   Architecture (with Foundation Year) 2019
Bristol  Law  2019
Newcastle   Biomedical Genetics 2019
University of East Anglia  History  2019
Brighton  Media Production  2019
University of East Anglia  Economics and Finance  2019
Oxford Brookes   Real Estate 2019
Nottingham  Politics and International Relations  2019
York  History of Art  2019
Exeter  Art History & Visual Culture & English with Employment Experience  2019
Royal Holloway  Physics  2019
University of East Anglia  Film and Television Studies  2019
Nottingham Trent  History and Philosophy  2019
Nottingham University Politics and International Relations 2019
Gap Year   2019
Gap Year   2019
Durham University Geography  2019
University of Surrey   Business Management (Entrepreneurship) 2019
Cardiff University Modern Chinese 2020 2020
University of East Anglia  Philosophy and Politics 2019
University of Essex  Sports and Exercise Science 2019
Swansea  Sport & Exercise Science with a Year Abroad  2019
Birmingham  Drama and English 2019
De Montfort University  Engineering   2019
Warwick  Mathematics  2019
Loughborough University Geography 2019
Nottingham University Psychology and Philosophy  2019
Nottingham University Industrial Economics  2019
Reading University International Business and Management  2019
Bristol University Philosophy  2019
Nottingham University Politics and International Relations  2019
Glasgow University Philosophy  2019
Bristol University Physics and Philosophy  2019
Norwich University of the Arts   Interior Design 2019
Exeter University History and Ancient History  2019
Durham University Marketing and Management  2019
Bristol University Anthropology  2019
Royal Holloway University Geography  2019
Nottingham Trent University Interior Architecture and Design 2019
Nottingham Trent University Fashion Management  2019
York University Business and Management with a Year in Industry  2019
York University English Language and Linguistics  2019
Ravensbourne University London  Fashion Buying and Brand Management  2019
Bath University Natural Sciences (with Year Abroad)  2019
Durham University Natural Sciences  2019
Sheffield University History 2019
Exeter University Liberal Arts  2019
Durham University General Engineering  2019
Oxford Brookes  Sport, Coaching and Physical Education/Business Management  2019
Exeter University Philosophy and History  2019
Exeter University Business Economics with Industrial Experience  2019
Newcastle University Economics and Finance  2019
Bath University Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering 2019
Loughborough University Product Design and Technology  2019
Bath University Mechanical Engineering  2019
University of East Anglia  Law  2019
Leeds University History 2019
UCL  Mathematics 2019
Newcastle University Marketing and Management  2019
Cardiff University Dentistry 2019
York University Biochemistry  2019
Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts BA (Hons) Acting (Screen & Digital Media)  2019
University of Kent  Accounting and Finance and Economics 2019
Nottingham University Industrial Economics 2019
Plymouth University Marine Biology and Oceanography 2019
Edinburgh University Politics 2019
Nottingham University Management 2019
Oxford Brookes Accounting and Finance 2019
Exeter University English  2019
Sheffield University English Literature 2019
Durham University Law 2019
Leeds Beckett University Product Design 2019
Derby University American Studies and History 2019
University of Surrey Accounting and Finance with Foundation Year 2019
Gap Year     2019
Nottingham Trent University Furniture and Product Design 2019
UCL Arts and Sciences with Study Abroad 2019
York University Accounting, Business Finance and Management 2019
Reading University Geography (Human)  2020
Liverpool University Medicine 2019
Durham Mathematics 2019
Exeter University Politics and International Relations (with Study Abroad) 2019
University of Buckingham Psychology with Business and Management (2-year degree) 2019
Portsmouth University Mechanical Engineering 2019
York University Theatre: Writing, Directing and Performance 2019
Leeds Beckett University Product Design 2019
UCL History (with a Year Abroad) 2019
Warwick University English Literature 2019
Nottingham Trent University Business Law 2019
Sheffield Hallum University Business Studies 2019
York University Economics 2019
Lancaster University International Business Management (France) 2019
Bristol University Philosophy 2019
Overseas    2019
University of the Arts London Fashion Management 2019
Reading University Business and Management with placement year 2019
Nottingham University Psychology 2019
Leicester University Medical Biochemistry 2019
Swansea University Biochemistry 2019
Nottingham Trent University Law 2019
Southampton University Medicine 2019
Nottingham University Engineering and Physical Sciences with Foundation Year 2019
Liverpool University Ocean Sciences 2019
Bath University Economics 2019
Royal Holloway University Economics 2019
Manchester University  Architecture 2019
Kings College London Mathematics and Philosophy 2019
St Andrews University Physics 2019
Liverpool John Moores Sports Journalism 2019
Kings College London Physics with Astrophysics and Cosmology 2019
York University Business and Management with a Year in Industry 2019
Nottingham University American Studies and History 2019
Nottingham University Politics and Economics 2019
Kings College London Mathematics 2019
Imperial University Physics 2019
Lancaster University Finance 2019
Birmingham University Liberal Arts and Sciences 2019


Leavers' Destinations 2018

University Course Year of Entry
York English/Linguistics 2018
Queen Mary Medicine 2018
Bath Economics (with placement) 2018
Manchester Geography 2018
Liverpool Communications and Media 2019
Loughborough Accounting and Financial Management 2018
Oxford Brookes Business and Marketing Mgmt 2018
Bristol Law 2018
Loughborugh Psychology 2018
Lancaster Politics and International Relations 2018
Gap Year   2018
Loughborough Product Design Engingeering 2018
Manchester Neuroscience 2018
Newcastle Medicine and Surgery 2018
Nottingham Civil Engineering 2018
UCL Architecture 2018
Gap year   2018
Leeds Beckett Media, Communication, Cultures 2018
Exeter Geography 2018
Nottingham International Media and Communications Studies 2018
Warwick Ancient History and Classical Archaeology 2018
Bath Biology (with professional placement) 2018
University of Aberdeen/Qatar Accountancy and Finance 2018
Queen Mary History 2018
Bournemouth Communication and Media 2018
Southampton Biomedical Sciences 2018
Oxford Brookes Business and Management 2018
Bristol Psychology 2018
Sunderland Sports Journalism 2018
Nottingham International Media and Communications Studies 2018
Leeds   Economics and Mathematics 2018
Warwick Ancient History and Classical Archaeology 2018
Sheffield Biology with a Year Abroad 2019
Reading Real Estate 2018
Gap Year   2018
Bristol Civil Engineering 2018
Loughborough English 2018
Employment   2018
Royal Holloway Drama with Film 2018
Exeter History 2018
Royal Holloway History 2018
Loughborough Sport and Exercise Science 2018
Oxford   Law 2018
Employment/Apprenticeship   2018
Bristol Law 2018
Oxford Chemistry 2018
Bristol Law 2018
Nottingham American Studies and History 2018
Leeds Geography 2018
Employment   2018
Oxford Law 2018
Nottingham Film and Television Studies and American Studies 2018
UEA History 2018
Coventry Automotive and Transport Design 2018
Gap Year    
Reading Economics 2018
Exeter Business Economics with Industrial Experience 2018
Cambridge Law 2018
Manchester Computer Science 2018
Royal Holloway Liberal Arts with an International Year 2018
Nottingham Trent International Relations 2018
Goldsmith Drama and Theatre Arts 2018
City Law 2018
Bath Economics with Professional Placement 2018
Westminster Kingsway College Chef Apprenticeship 2018
Nottingham Film and Television Studies and American Studies 2018
Nottingham Medical Physiology and Therapeutics 2018
Exeter Medical Sciences 2019
Coventry Product Design 2019
UCL Engineering (Electronic and Electrical) 2018
LSE Accounting and Finance  2018
Bath Mathematical Sciences (with Industrial Placement) 2018
Sheffield Physics 2018
Nottingham American Studies and History 2018
Durham Psychology 2018
Employment   2018
Bournemouth Marketing Communications 2018
Employment    2018
Brunel Industrial Design and Technology with Placement 2018
Coventry Enterprise and Entrepreneurship 2019
Coventry Motorsport Engineering 2018
Bath Economics 2018
Oxford Economics and Management 2018
Newcastle Modern Languages and Business Studies 2018
Gap Year    
Royal Holloway Criminology and Sociology with Year in Industry 2018
Leeds International Relations   2018
Birmingham French Studies and History 2018
Loughborough History and International Relations 2018
Ravensbourne Fashion Buying and Brand Management 2018
York History 2018
Lincoln Product Design 2019
Oxford Brookes Real Estate Management 2018
Coventry Computer Science 2018
Oxford Brookes Business and Marketing Mgmt 2018
King's College London Biochemistry 2018
Durham History 2018
Edinburgh History of Art  2018
Leeds Fashion Marketing 2018
Durham Earth Sciences 2018
Edinburgh Biological Sciences 2018
Lancaster Physical Geography 2018
Loughborough Product Design Engineering 2019
Gap Year   2019
Bath Biology (with professional placement) 2018
Nottingham Finance, Accounting and Management 2018
Employment/Apprenticeship Apprentice Surveyor International Valuation 2018
Exeter Politics and Sociology 2018
Lancaster Mechatronic Engineering 2018
Imperial Mathematics (Pure Mathematics) 2018
Reading Accounting and Finance (with Placement) 2018
Worcester Human Nutrition and Psychology 2018
Leeds Management 2018
Bristol Childhood Studies 2018
York Marketing with a year in industry 2018
Nottingham Mechanical Engineering including an industrial year 2018
Norland College Early Years Development and Learning 2018
Exeter History 2018
Strathclyde International Business 2018
UEA Film and Television Studies    2018
Nottingham Industrial Economics 2018
York Accounting, Business Finance and Management 2019
Kings College London Chemistry 2018
Employment   2018
Bath Accounting and Finance (with professional placement) 2018
Imperial Physics 2018
Employment/gap year   2018
Imperial Mathematics and Computer Science 2018
Lincoln Product Design 2019
UCL Mathematics and Statistical Science 2018
Durham Law 2018
Exeter Economics and Finance 2018
Warwick Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) 2018

Leavers' Destinations 2017

Armed Forces    
Arts University Bournemouth Creative Events Management 2017
Bath Economics and Mathematics 2017
Bath Politics with Economics (with placement) 2017
Bath Civil and Architectural Engineering 2017
Birmingham Geography with an International Year 2017
Birmingham Mathematics and Music 2017
Birmingham Human Neuroscience 2017
Bournemouth Business Studies 2017
Bournemouth Accounting and Finance 2017
Bournemouth Computer Animation Art and Design 2018
Bristol Zoology 2018
Cambridge Engineering (4 years) 2017
Cardiff Politics and Sociology 2017
Cardiff Media, Journalism and Culture 2017
Chichester Business Studies 2017
Chinese University of Hong Kong Nursing 2017
Chinese University of Hong Kong Architectural Studies 2017
Coventry Oil, Gas and Energy Management 2017
Coventry Civil Engineering 2017
Coventry Manufacturing Engineering 2017
Durham History 2017
Durham Combined Honours in Social Sciences 2017
Durham English Literature 2017
Durham Criminology 2017
Durham Psychology (Applied) 2017
Durham Physics (4 years) 2017
East Anglia Molecular Biology and Genetics TBC
East Anglia International Relations and Modern History 2017
Edinburgh Architecture 2017
Edinburgh Chemistry 2017
Edinburgh Chemical Engineering with Management 2017
Exeter English and Film Studies with Study Abroad 2017
Exeter Physics 2017
Exeter History and International Relations 2017
Exeter Philosophy 2017
Exeter English and Modern Languages 2017
Exeter Business and Management 2017
Exeter Law 2017
Exeter Drama 2017
Gloucestershire Business Management (4 years with placement) 2017
Goldsmiths Drama and Theatre Arts 2017
Hong Kong Polytechnic Uni Construction and Environment 2017
Hull Sport Rehabilitation 2017
Imperial College London Physics with Theoretical Physics 2017
Imperial College London Design Engineering 2017
Keele Biomedical Science (optional International Year available) 2017
Kings College London Medicine (5 years) 2017
Kings College London Mathematics with Statistics 2017
Kings College London Film Studies 2017
Kings College London Philosophy, Politics and Economics 2017
LAMDA Acting 2017
Lancaster Management (Study Abroad) 2017
Leeds English Literature 2017
Leeds Management 2017
Leeds International Relations 2017
Leeds Psychology 2017
Leeds History and Sociology 2017
Leicester Aerospace Engineering 2017
Leicester Politics 2017
Lincoln International Business Management 2017
Liverpool Radiotherapy 2017
London School of Economics Economics and Economic History 2017
London School of Economics History 2017
Loughborough Architecture 2017
Loughborough Politics and International Relations 2017
Loughborough Business Psychology 2017
Loughborough Electronic and Electrical Engineering 2017
Loughborough Geography 2017
Manchester Law with Politics 2017
Manchester Geography 2018
Manchester  Computer Science 2017
Middlesex Veterinary Nursing 2017
Newcastle upon Tyne Film and Media 2017
Newcastle upon Tyne Marine Technology with Naval Architecture 2017
Newcastle upon Tyne Economics and Finance 2017
Nottingham Classics 2017
Nottingham Physiotherapy 2017
Nottingham Criminology and Social Policy 2017
Nottingham American Studies and History 2017
Nottingham History 2017
Nottingham Economics 2017
Nottingham Psychology 2017
Nottingham   American and Canadian Literature, History and Culture (International Study) 2017
Nottingham Trent Real Estate 2018
Nottingham Trent Youth Studies 2017
Nottingham Trent Fashion Management 2017
Nottingham Trent Computer Science 2017
Reading Business and Management 2017
Reading Geography (Human) 2017
Reading Geography (Human and Physical) 2017
Sheffield Architecture 2017
Sheffield Hallam International Business with German 2017
Southampton Politics and International Relations 2017
Southampton Aeronautics & Astronautics/Aerodynamics with Industrial Placement Year 2017
Southampton Environmental Science 2017
Surrey Mathematics 2017
Surrey Business Management   2017
University College London Engineering (Civil) 2017
University College London Modern Languages (4 years) 2017
University College London Economics 2017
University College London Arts and Sciences with Study Abroad 2017
University of Amsterdam Business Administration 2017
University of the Arts London Illustration and Visual Media 2017
Warwick English Literature 2017
Warwick Modern Languages with Linguistics 2017
Warwick French and Economics 2017
Warwick Management 2017
York Accounting, Business Finance and Management 2017
York Film and Television Production 2017
York Biochemistry 2018
York Theatre: Writing, Directing and Performance 2017