Being Together in the Sixth Form

The Sixth Form Experience

Many of our Sixth Formers mention the social life as another major strength of our Sixth Form. Whilst there are the organised events including the ultimate Leavers’ Ball, much of the socialising centres on the everyday, informal gatherings around the campus and the Houses. Friendships are forged during the short, intense eighteen months of the Sixth Form experience that will last a lifetime.

Diversity of People

The diversity of backgrounds, nationalities and ages at Bishop’s Stortford College expands horizons and enriches everyone in the school community.

Given this diversity, there is huge scope for bringing different people of different ages together to learn from each other and enjoy each other’s company. Whether it is helping in the Pre-Prep as part of your D of E service, giving a helping hand at a special event within the Pre-Prep or Prep School, or performing alongside younger musicians at the annual Ensembles Concert, you will find yourself being an important role-model.

Such encounters are inspirational and empowering for all concerned…the younger ones will look up to you and love the attention from you, whilst you will have fun sharing your knowledge and experience.

Sixth Form Learning Centre

In 2021, we opened a Sixth Form Learning Centre, an allocated resource solely for the Sixth Form.

The first of its kind at the College, the Sixth Form Learning Centre provides a unique and dedicated resource for Sixth Form students from all Houses to work collectively, or independently, hold team meetings and meet 1:1 with staff. 

The Learning Centre contains quiet study areas, a conference room, a well-equipped kitchenette and a gallery of notable College alumni to provide inspiration to our Sixth Form. The building encompasses an environment aiming to prepare students for life beyond the College, similar to the of an undergraduate study space or work environment. 

Students can use the Sixth Form Learning Centre throughout the school day during their study periods, as well as after school.

Watch the video below to be taken on a tour of the Learning Centre, made by two of our Sixth Form students and read more about the Sixth Form Learning Centre here

Belonging to a House

Rph boys playing table football Benson House girls chatting

The College Houses are a central part of life for all year groups and also the teaching staff. The strong sense of belonging and the level of care between pupils across the year groups, and between pupils and staff, make Bishop’s Stortford College a very special place.

Trotman girls with sunflowers 

The House will be a focal point of your time; it is where you keep all your belongings and spend most of your free time, where you will have your own space to relax or work, and is the basis of many fiercely fought competitions!

You can find out more about the College Houses here.