Learning Support in the Pre-Prep

Dsc 9726At Bishop’s Stortford College the happiness, well-being and achievement of every pupil matters. The Pre-Prep recognises that, at certain times, pupils may benefit from additional support to help boost specific areas of learning that might be more challenging for them than others, to ensure that all pupils develop a solid foundation for future progression.
The Learning Support the Pre-Prep provides is flexible and responsive to the individual needs of each pupil. Support is planned based on recommendations made by a pupil’s class teacher and is linked to their classroom learning.  Where pupils have a diagnosis of specific needs, parents are encouraged to share this information with the school, to enable appropriate support to be planned.

If teachers are in any way concerned about the academic, social or physical progress of any child in their class or anywhere in the Pre-Prep they will discuss this immediately with the Head of Pre-Prep.  The Head of Pre-Prep, the Class Teacher and, where appropriate, the Classroom Assistant, will arrange a meeting to discuss their concerns with the parents of the child.

Transition to Shell for pupils receiving Learning Support is carefully managed to make certain that, where appropriate, support is continued and pupils’ learning needs are met.