Pastoral Care

We understand that starting school is a big step for you and your child. An inclusive and welcoming community, where none of us is as important as all of us, we pride ourselves on fostering an awareness of the wellbeing and feelings of every individual.

Under our care and guidance, your child will be motivated and encouraged to use a growth mindset. A mindset which embraces thinking of others, respecting ourselves and our environment, and learning from mistakes.

With our support your child will:

Become a confident member of our community

Develop a love of learning

Take on new challenges they may come across in daily life

Foster an inquisitive mind through activities

Make progress in every area of their life

Our Pre-Prep is a happy, thriving, and positive environment. We celebrate each other’s achievements both inside and outside the classrooms, and emphasis is placed on rewarding good behaviour, kindness, manners, and politeness.

Transition to Prep School

The transition to our Prep School is a seamless process made easy for you and your child. Our Year Two pupils automatically move up to Lower Shell (Year Three), in our Prep School, if they have made the expected progress. This journey begins with familiarisation mornings during which our Year Two pupils spend time in our Prep School and visit the Shell building and teachers to form connections and ease the transition.


“The reason we call Years 3 and 4, Shell, is because of what it represents – being protected, secure and nurtured as if in the safety of a shell.”

Ben Wright, Upper Third, Head of School 2022-2023