Beyond the Classroom

Cherishing your child’s individuality, curiosity, and creativity is woven into daily life at our Pre-Prep. Inside or outside the classroom, your child will be immersed in experiences which encourage them to expand their horizons, learn new skills, ask questions, voice their opinions, and consider their thoughts.

Pre-Prep Library

Home to a vast selection of age-appropriate and progressive reading and picture books for your child to choose from and bring home each week. Regular sessions with our College Librarians help to develop a love of literature, reading, and an understanding of non-fiction.


From sports days to swimming galas and more, your child will participate in a range of regular sports sessions and events for their physical development. We strive to offer all pupils every opportunity to enjoy sport, try something new and to celebrate their own, and others’, achievements.

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Trips and Workshops

What better way to enhance learning than to get stuck in and experience it first-hand? Our regular, interactive trips and creative arts workshops provide fun, exciting, and memorable experiences for your child.

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