Pre-Prep Aims

Group of Pre-Prep pupils smiling in Forest School

We aim to give each child a happy, secure and purposeful start to their education by providing a stimulating, caring environment and a balanced and relevant curriculum to:

  • help every child to be a confident, adaptable member of the community
  • enable every child to develop a love of learning
  • help children to have the confidence to tackle any challenge they might come across in daily life
  • give children the knowledge and skills to enable them to work flexibly and think clearly
  • give children the opportunity to acquire the key skills of literacy and numeracy
  • promote listening and thinking skills
  • foster an enquiring mind through activities that promote an interest in, and responsibility for, the world around them
  • help each child make progress in every area of his/her life: academic, social, moral, spiritual, emotional, physical and aesthetic
  • enable children to work individually and as part of a group to discover ways of solving problems
  • give children the opportunity to achieve their highest potential
  • give every child access to stimulating and appropriate activities, delivered in well resourced, pleasant surroundings by committed, experienced and caring staff

These aims are set within a caring atmosphere in which responsibility, discipline and concern for others are of crucial importance.

"Pupils are encouraged to pursue their own interests at a high level and are given the time and space in which to do so." ISI Inspection 2017