Learning in the Senior School

“They [pupils] have excellent attitudes towards their learning and highly developed study skills.” ISI Inspection 2017

Confidence lies at the heart of successful learning. Small classes, an emphasis on individual needs and teachers who will go that extra mile ensure that every pupil at Bishop’s Stortford College receives the time and attention needed to develop the confidence and desire to learn for life.  Your child will be surrounded by adults who love to learn, love to share their learning and strive for the very best in all they do. The enthusiasm and example of our teachers, in class and beyond, is inspiring and underpins the College’s vibrant atmosphere.

"The school is highly successful in creating an ethic of hard work and enthusiastic participation.”  ISI Inspection 2017

Academic Organisation & Curriculum

Fourth Form (Year 9)

Pupils are setted for English, the Humanities, Mathematics and the Sciences, with five sets for each.

All pupils follow a common curriculum of English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Design & Technology, ICT, Art, Music, Ethics Philosophy & Theology, Physical Education & Swimming. In addition, pupils study two modern foreign languages chosen from French, German and Spanish and the decision to continue with Latin is optional.

Lower and Upper Fifth (Year 10 and 11)

Pupils are setted for English, Mathematics and the Sciences, with five sets for each.

All pupils follow a common curriculum of English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology and they must choose four other subjects from: Art, Design & Technology, Drama, French, Geography, German, History, Latin, Music, Ethics Philosophy & Theology, Spanish. At least one of these must be a modern foreign language, although pupils may continue with two if they wish. It is sometimes possible to take Art or Music as an extra subject outside the timetable.

After School Provision and Homework

Fourth, Lower Fifth and Upper Fifth Forms (Years 9-11)

Prep is set by subject teachers according to the homework timetable that is distributed to pupils at the beginning of the Autumn term. Generally, pupils will have three preps a night, each of about 30 to 40 minutes duration. Pupils should ensure that descriptions of the tasks set are written into their Prep Diaries.

Monitoring Progress in the Senior School

For Senior School pupils, progress is carefully monitored by Housemasters, Housemistresses, Tutors and Heads of Department and in Staff Meetings.

One Parents’ Meeting is held for each of the Lower Fifth (Year 10) to Upper Sixth (Year 13) year groups. In the Fourth Form (Year 9), there are two Parents' Meetings.  In the Fourth Form (Year 9) to Upper Fifth (Year 11), each pupil’s progress is assessed twice a term and parents receive two full written reports on each subject twice a year.

Senior School Daily Routine

For an overview of the daily routine in the Senior School please take a look in our Current Information Booklet.

“They [pupils] are stimulated by their teachers' evident passion for their specialist subjects and their consistently high expectations of pupils.” ISI Inspection 2017