What is special about our College?

Bishop’s Stortford College is one of the UK’s top performing independent co-educational schools.  At the heart of the value we offer is the community of people. Pupils are surrounded by inspiring role models who enable them to develop the same confidence and ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The infectious enthusiasm, imagination and dedication of College staff, in partnership with parents, enables our pupils to grow into happy, well-rounded, skilful and caring young people, equipped and ready for the adventures and opportunities life has to offer.

The rapport between staff and pupils, and between pupils across different ages, cultivates a strong sense of belonging and nurtures timeless values such as responsibility, courtesy and consideration for the needs of others.

Breadth of experience is naturally woven into daily life. Our pupils can, and do, pursue high academic standards whilst enjoying, and succeeding in, many other interests.

As three schools in one, we are large enough to provide an exceptional range of opportunities, whilst each part is small enough for pupils to be known, valued and nurtured as individuals.

The use of pioneering technology in geography, the hugely successful Festival of Literature, numerous high quality musical and drama events and frequent high level sporting success are just a few examples of how we constantly strive for excellence in all we do.

As an all through, day and boarding school, with a flexible approach to boarding, we can cater for boys and girls of different ages within a family and the individual needs of different families.

We are blessed with a beautifully peaceful, spacious and safe setting, close to the countryside yet within walking distance of the centre of a market town. There is easy access by air, road or rail and full advantage is taken of our close proximity to London and Cambridge.

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