Being Together in the Prep School

Children learn their attitudes, values and approach to life at least as much from observing those around them as from textbooks. We believe that cultivating a sense of belonging and spending time with good role models are essential ingredients to your child’s development as a person.

Given the diversity within the College, there is huge scope for bringing different people of different ages together to learn from each other and enjoy each other’s company. Senior School pupils taking over the reins of a Prep School history lesson to teach a shared curriculum topic, Prep School pupils mentoring their younger “French Buddies” and musicians of all ages coming together for the annual Ensembles Concert are just a few examples.

Such encounters are inspirational and empowering for all concerned… the younger ones look up to and love the older ones’ attention; the older ones love the feeling of being able to share their knowledge and experience.

Shell Leagues

Shell pupils are placed in four Leagues: Canterbury, Durham, Worcester and York.

The Leagues meet once a week and allow pupils to put forward suggestions, ideas and discuss weekly events. The Leagues provide pupils with an opportunity to collect stars for good behaviour, good effort and excellent work.

The Leagues also have competitions such as the ‘marathon run’, hockey, netball and rugby inter league competitions, swimming galas and Sports Day as well as other competitions such as photography, art, design, crossword and Sudoku competitions.

At the end of each half term there is a Contribution Cup awarded to one league member. At the end of each term, the winning league is rewarded with a treat.

Prep School Houses

Pupils in Form 1 (Year 5) and above are allocated to four Houses for competitions: Grimwade; Monk-Jones; Newbury and Westfield.

Day pupils are allocated across all four Houses; full and weekly boarders are based in Grimwade House. The winning House enjoys a celebratory House supper at the end of term.

There is a Housemaster and Housemistress for each House and this provides an additional level of pastoral care.

The video below will give you an insight into life in the Prep School.