Prep School Aims and Ethos

Bishop's Stortford College is an exceptional place of learning - a place where children have wonderful opportunities to become fulfilled, skilful and happy young people. Ensuring this process of all round growth - academically, morally, spiritually, athletically and creatively is our aim. 

Every pupil is encouraged, taught and challenged to fulfil their true potential, by being immersed in an environment of discovery and wholehearted participation.  

"They [pupils] enjoy learning, want to learn, and are determined to succeed, resulting in a commendable level of perseverance." ISI Inspection 2017

We strive to allow time and space for academic work to be balanced by sport, music, drama and a diverse choice of other activities, including service to the local community. Through these we aim to allow our young people to acquire a confidence in their relationship with adults.  

We hope that an appreciation and love of creativity will remain with them for the rest of their lives, and we make sure that each pupil has the chance to join in and try new experiences, whatever their abilities and interests. 

We aim to give pupils opportunities to exercise responsibility and leadership as well as showing care and concern for their younger peers. Our aim is that our young people, as the result of an education here, should be able to contribute constructively to society and play a full role in it, whatever their chosen path. 

"They [pupils] demonstrate very well-developed abilities to take their own learning forward; they are will to take risks and celebrate their own and others' success.”  ISI Inspection 2017“

In the Prep School and Pre-Prep, pupils are organised into Forms that are small enough to enable staff and pupils to work closely together. A strong pastoral system provides firm foundations for learning — happy pupils who feel well supported learn well. The role of the Form Tutors and Heads of Year is crucial in fulfilling our aim to provide a secure and structured community for all our pupils, in which these young people can fulfil their potential whilst learning to live and work together in a spirit of co-operation, kindness, mutual respect and enthusiasm, establishing harmonious interaction between pupils and pupils and staff and pupils. 

We aim to provide a broad and varied educational experience for our pupils. Within this environment we aim to develop well-rounded, adaptable and interesting young people who are confident, but not arrogant, self-assured but not complacent and who have a sense of responsibility and care towards others. 

"Pupils of all ages have excellent attitudes to learning and demonstrate high levels of self-esteem and confidence in all the activities offered by the shool. They have a thirst for knowledge and participate whole heartedly." ISI Inspection 2017