Pre-Prep Community

We want every child to enjoy a happy, secure and purposeful beginning to their education. From the start we foster an awareness of the well being and consideration of the feelings of each individual towards themselves and towards others. Tolerance, respect and confidence building – leading to good self esteem, growing independence, good interpersonal skills and self control are promoted.

Whilst enjoying its own distinctive character and space, the Pre-Prep shares a common, caring ethos and the sense of being part of a bigger family. Our children love spending time with older pupils and are inspired by their example, be it through our older Pre-Prep pupils writing and sharing stories with our youngest pupils, regular involvement of Senior School pupils helping in Pre-Prep classes or swimming lessons as part of their activity programme, shared fund-raising activities or one-off special projects.

One particular initiative illustrates this well. Five Senior School pupils, who joined the very first Reception Class in 1995, designed and constructed a pond and conservation area as part of their Duke of Edinburgh's Award in a project that sums up the caring, family atmosphere at the College and underlines the strong links between the Pre-Prep, Prep and Senior Schools.