Pre-Prep Sport

We take great pride in our sporting heritage and a successful record and reputation, founded on the principles of excellence and enjoyment. The foundations of that success are built in the early years and therefore we recognise that a high quality of provision for this age group is paramount. To that end we strive to offer all pupils every opportunity to enjoy sport and experience success.

In Pre-Prep, three lessons a week are devoted to games, swimming and PE.  Lessons take place in the Pre-Prep Hall, the Sports Hall, Prep School Hall, the Swimming Pool, the Astro Turf pitch and the College grounds.
The PE & Games programme teaches pupils fundamental movement skills, body management & the use of different types of sports equipment. In Year 2 the activities become slightly more sport based and include football, hockey and tennis. All PE and Games lessons are taught by fully qualified PE teachers.

Learning to swim is an essential part of the Pre-Prep sporting provision and depending on ability pupils are taught in the learner pool and main pool. The staff are highly qualified and experienced swimming teachers and several gap students offer pupils extra support in the water.

Pupils and parents love the two main competitions of the year which are the Swimming Gala and Sports Day.

The provision for after school clubs for football, tennis and gym give pupils more opportunity for participation.

The personal qualities that are developed through the physical, emotional and social aspects of playing sport are highly valued. At whichever level it is played, sport at the College aims to foster a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity and build true character, the benefits of which are taken into life well beyond school.