Day and Boarding

A Day and Boarding Community

Pupils at Bishop's Stortford College enjoy being part of a vibrant and diverse community with its blend of day pupils, full boarders, weekly boarders and part time boarders (those who board a few nights a week). As an integrated day and boarding school, we have the time and space to provide a healthy breadth and balance of activity within the timetable and key facilities are open in the evenings throughout the week. 

Prep School Boarding House

Grimwade House - a co-ed boarding house for 7 - 13 year olds

Senior School Day Houses        

Girls: Alliott House, Benson House and Tee House
Boys: Sutton House, Hayward House and Collett House

Senior School Boarding Houses        

Girls: Young House and Trotman House
Boys: Robert Pearce House and Rowe House

Whether a day pupil or boarder, we believe that cultivating a sense of belonging is an essential ingredient to a child’s development as a person. Given the diversity within the College, there is huge scope for bringing different people of different ages and from different places together to learn from each other and enjoy each other’s company.

"Relationships in the classrooms and in the boarding houses are relaxed, friendly and cooperative." ISI Inspection 2017

Day pupils at Bishop's Stortford College come from a relatively wide area, stretching towards Stevenage to the west and the coast to the east, Cambridge to the north and Epping to the south. 

Breadth of experience is naturally woven into daily life through the shape of our school week, the fact that we are a blend of day pupils and boarders, the quality and enthusiasm of the teaching staff and the interaction between pupils of different ages.  All our pupils can, and do, pursue high academic standards whilst enjoying, and succeeding in, many other interests. The degree to which we are able to provide such breadth for our pupils is so much greater than many schools.

After School Care

After school care is available for pupils in Pre-Prep (4-7 year olds) and the Prep School’s Shell (7-9 year olds) and, subject to availability, there is the opportunity for day pupils to change to one of our boarding options as they move through the Prep School.

College Houses

In the Senior School, the College Houses are a central part of life for all pupils. The strong sense of belonging and the level of care between pupils across the year groups, and between pupils and staff, make it a very special place.

This is a very brief introduction about day pupils at Bishop’s Stortford College. For more about life in the individual schools within the College and all that is on offer to day pupils, do explore the sections most relevant to you.