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The school successfully meets its aiIAPS logom to be a place of learning with a broad and balanced curriculum that enables all pupils to fulfil their potential in everything they undertake." ISI Inspection 2017


Bill Toleman - Independent Prep School HeadBill Toleman - Head of the Prep School

Bill Toleman - Head of the Prep School

Bishop’s Stortford College Prep School offers an outstanding all-round education for 7 to 13 year olds, with a blend of day pupils, full boarders, weekly boarders and pupils who board a few nights a week (part time boarders).  Our aim is to develop happy, confident and well motivated children – children who enjoy coming to school and children who enjoy learning.

We want all our pupils to have a good, positive attitude to work, to life and to other people and we encourage them to have an awareness of the needs of all whom they meet. We aim for strong academic results, yet plenty of time is devoted to sport, music, drama, art and many other activities, with high standards achieved in all these areas.

The Prep School has its own distinctive atmosphere and learning environment, but as part of the wider College we offer a greater range of first-rate facilities, teaching resources and opportunities than is typical of most Prep schools.

Shell is a wonderful stepping stone into the Prep School for our 7 and 8 year olds. Shell children have their own learning environment and daily routine tailored to the needs of their age group, whilst enjoying regular shared activities with the older pupils. Moving on from Shell, our 9 year olds have specialist teachers for each subject. All our academic programmes are closely linked, ensuring that our pupils are well prepared for the step up to Senior School at 13 years of age.

Prep School Year Groups

Age Year Group National Curriculum Equivalent
7 - 8 Lower Shell Year 3
8 - 9 Upper Shell Year 4
9 - 10 Form 1 Year 5
10 - 11 Form 2 Year 6
11 - 12 Lower Third Year 7
12 - 13 Upper Third Year 8


If you would like to arrange a private visit to the Prep School please contact our Admissions Officer, Mrs Brett. Alternatively you may view and download a copy of our latest Prospectus here

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