Uniform Shop

Bsc 2114


Term Time Opening Hours 

Monday 3pm - 6pm                                                
Wednesday 12pm - 2pm
Friday 8am - 9am
Saturday 10:30am - 12:45pm

Anyone wishing to place an order, or make an enquiry, can contact Mr Bashford and his team on 01279 731052, or by email, paul.bashford@btinternet.com. 

Bsc 2117Please be sure to order your Name Tapes early to avoid any delay. You can order these at the shop or by telephone.  Please click here to access the Campus Map for our location.

The Uniform Shop is pleased to accept payment by credit/debit card, however for full or overseas boarders, charges for purchased items can only be applied to termly fee invoices. 


Second Hand Uniform Shop

Second Hand Uniform Shop Inside

The Second Hand Uniform Shop is run by Tessa, Caroline and Arti and stocks an excellent range of College uniform (from Pre-Prep through to Sixth Form), sports kit and amazing ski wear, all at half price or less.

Second Hand Uniform Shop Exterior

Items to be sold must be clean and not torn or too worn.

The shop will open an account for parents who will then receive receive 50% of the sale price. The shop finalises its accounts by the end of September each year, so parents with an account have until the end of the Summer Term of the following year to collect what they are owed. Any monies not collected by this deadline are donated to whatever charity the College is supporting at that time. The shop reserves the right to refuse any article considered not fit for re-sale. Articles not sold after a reasonable period of time will be given to a charity the shop has worked with for over a decade, to be re-used in a school in Romania.

Term Time Opening Hours

During term time, the shop is open every Monday from 2.30-5.30pm and on Saturdays from 8-10am. Please note the shop is not open on Leave Weekends. 

For further information please contact:

Tessa Firmin 07803 011472

Caroline Cullen  07867 984016


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