What Boarding Means to Me

From time to time we ask our overseas boarders to put pen to paper and tell us what life at the College means to them. Here are some of their thoughts...


CadetsMy name is Careese. I am a British citizen but I am from Hong Kong so I am a full boarder at the College. I have been boarding for 3 years now and I think boarding is one of my best experiences; it is all about developing independence and being self-disciplined.

Being away from home is never easy for me yet my boarding house provides me with enough comfort and resources to call it my second home. Boarding at the College is a spectacular experience.  I can mix with other boarders from different countries and backgrounds, learn about different cultures and try different languages. The activities for boarders also allow me to meet other people from different year groups and explore more British culture than I can experience at home.

This year, I decided to join Police Cadets as I had heard from my friends who hadCadet badge already joined that it helps to improve discipline and you get to learn lots of different things related to our daily lives. Despite being an Upper Fifth with an especially hectic, and sometimes stressful, school life, I still chose to join Cadets, which is held every Wednesday evening. I think it is a good opportunity to learn about how the Police work in the UK, how they are trained and most of all, to enhance my knowledge on how the Police deal with different situations under real life conditions. Things that cannot be earned in lessons or textbooks.

Police Cadets has given me the chance to learn various life skills, such as how to deal with a road traffic collision, drills, first aid and team building etc. These activities are extremely useful and can be used in emergency situations in life. Along with drills and other activities, it had helped me to build my confidence and self-discipline.  It has also reminded me that joining a uniformed group is a commitment which I should never quit or attend randomly.

Police Cadets is a very meaningful: we march on Remembrance Day every year and I am hugely proud that I represent the Cadets as we march along the street. I am ecstatic the school has provided Police Cadets as one of our Personal Development Programme options – it is a really valuable experience in addition to my studies.

Another significant thing in Cadets is that I have met and made new friends. Cadets are from different local schools in Hertfordshire and through our regular sessions, I have made many friends and I really enjoy seeing them every week and socialising with them. This has broadened my social life and enhanced my skills in all aspects. Even though school life is busy, the regular session allows me to take a break from the stress and spending 2 hours per week at the Cadets session has definitely been worthwhile as I have learned a lot of new things, whilst finding it interesting and fun!

Police Cadets is an activity that has widened my horizons and broadened my social life. It has helped to build up my confidence and independence through participation in the different activities and I will never regret joining it.


VPNMy name is Albert and I’m an international boarder from China. Boarding has been a spectacular experience for me and I enjoy it very much. The main reason I like boarding at the College is that I get lots of time to socialise and therefore make friends. Since becoming a boarder, I have made lots of friends that are in different years and also from different countries. With all my friends from different parts of the world, I have managed to learn more about different cultures. Boarding trips are also extremely fun too. For example, when the school organised for us to go to Cambridge, me and my friends went ice skating and the experience was just magnificent.

Police Cadets has helped enhance this experience because I am able to hang out more with day kids as well as boarders. The reason I chose to do Police Cadets is that I gain a lot of experience from it and it is fun. Every Wednesday, we have sessions held in either the fire station or the sports hall. We do a variety of activities that are fun and new. For example, in the session we did most recently, we staged a court case and I was the prosecutor. I enjoyed the experience very much; I was able to create my own case and argue it.

Through Cadets, I have learned a lot of different life skills. Firstly, I learned about how to question somebody and tell if their case is accurate or not. I feel like this skill is important in society because of how much we interact with each other. Secondly, I learned how to interact with people of different backgrounds. At Police Cadets, not everyone is from the College and so you get a more diverse pool of personalities. Since cooperation is one of the major skills we learn at Police Cadets, it is interestingPolice Cadet to see how different types of people work together. I enjoy this very much and had made many friends among the people from other schools. Overall, I believe Cadets has been a great experience and improved a lot of my life skills.


I like boarding in Grimwade House because of all the fun activities there are. For example; the great facilities, the kind and caring staff and the friends I have made for life.

As a boarder, there is always something fun to do such as table tennis, table football, snooker, TV and even chatting with my friends. Children of different ages all play and hang out together and I think that creates many close bonds.

Boarding has taught me many valuable life-skills and important ways to take care of myself. Some ways are changing my bedsheets, making my bed, making good and healthy choices and it encourages me to be more organised with my time. All these activities enhance the time I have as a boarder as there are more opportunities to use school facilities such as the swimming pool, sports hall and the outdoor play areas in the summer.

Going to school at the College has increased my confidence as sometimes, I may have to speak in assembly or read a poem to my class or do a tour of the campus.  Another perk to being at the College is that I get to meet so many other friendly, young people my age and in years above and below.  

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