The Modern Face of Independent Education

Academic excellence is a top priority for us. Our dedicated and talented teaching staff will fire your child’s imagination, always going the extra mile to give them the skills they need to develop and thrive.

We believe the breadth of opportunity we offer, balanced with personal growth and strong values of decency and kindness, is what an education for today and tomorrow must deliver.

Underpinning everything is a unique community spirit that enables each pupil to succeed, and to be happy doing so. Here there is a togetherness where none of us is as important as all of us.

Qualifications and Qualities

Qualifications are at the heart of the College’s provision but must always be accompanied by qualities. Breadth of opportunity brings roundedness, but balance is essential. All of this is underpinned by the strength of our community which gives each a sense of belonging.

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It's the shared experiences and sense of belonging that make the Bishop’s Stortford Community so unique.

Laura, Sixth Form

A Modern Approach

Our strategic objectives and projects ensure we are creating the Bishop’s Stortford College of tomorrow. These days, standing still is moving backwards. Bishop’s Stortford College is not standing still. It is as simple as that.

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Bishop’s Stortford College is always forward-looking. It is hard-working and it aims at concrete outcomes.


Your Journey Starts Here

Whether joining our Pre-Prep, Prep School, Senior School or Sixth Form, your child’s personal journey of discovery will begin the moment they join us. We are the Modern Face of Independent Education. Come and see for yourself what that looks like.

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We knew she could fly if she got the chance and she has certainly got that chance here.