Carnival Fun in Pre-Prep for 150th Celebrations

Pre-Prep 4-7
Posted on: July 1st 2019

150th Anniversary Carnival performance in Pre-Prep

On Tuesday 18th June, all Pre-Prep pupils celebrated the College's 150th Anniversary with a vivacious Carnival performance.  Dressed in resplendent, colourful clothing, pupils put on a series of fantastic performances and enjoyed a day full of celebrations.

Pre-Prep in costume for 150th Carnival party Colourful clothing for Pre-Prep 150th Carnival party

Pre-Prep pupils host 150th Carnival party Pre-Prep pupils celebrate 150th Anniversary with Carnival

Fun and games for Pre-Prep 150th Carnival Pre-Prep pupils enjoy 150th Carnival celebrations

Cakes at Pre-Prep 150th Carnival party 150th Carnival party in the Pre-Prep

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