Meet our Global Leaders Teams!

Prep 7-13
Posted on: May 5th 2021

Prep School Global Leaders Team Ocean Authority

Meet the second of our Prep School Global Leaders Teams, Ocean Authority! 

"We are the Ocean Authority Team and the aim of our project is to educate people about the impact that plastic pollution is having on our seas and oceans and to encourage our school community to buy sustainable products. We believe the less we use plastic wrapped products, the less demand for these products there will be.

Plastic takes over 400 years to decompose so we want to make sure that where possible, unnecessary use of plastic is avoided. This will result in less species being wiped out and less land pollution too.

Prep School pupils sorting through plastic bottle caps

To raise awareness of plastic pollution, we have worked hard as a team to produce a large piece of art work of the school's crest. We collected and used over 1000 bottle lids and numerous plastic tubs from our Prep School pupils and set about painting and then gluing with the help of the very talented Mr Plunkett to bring our piece to life. It is now proudly hung in the heart of the Prep School as a reminder to us all that everybody has a part to play in the future of our oceans.

Prep School Global Leaders Team Ocean Authority Team Plastic bottle lid crest

We have selected a range of products to sell that eliminate the use of plastic. The Global Leaders shop will be open online once every school term, with all profits raised going towards the WWF for the adoption of sea turtles and orangutans. The Global Leaders Shop (co-owned by ourselves and the EcoOrangutans Team) will be launched for its first orders on Monday 24th May 2021."

Prep School Global Leaders Eco Orangutans Team

In an effort to raise awareness about climate change and the importance of protecting the world, Prep School pupils have taken on the Global Leaders Project with the first team being the Eco Orangutans. Aiming to encourage the school community to buy sustainably sourced palm oil products, or products which are completely palm oil free, the team will be hoping to make an impact through the set-up of their own shop.

Here’s what the team had to say:

Prep School Global Leaders Eco Orangutans team shop products“Why should we reduce consumption of palm oil? In order to grow palm oil, rainforests need to be cut down. This is called deforestation. While the forests are being torn down, orangutans and other animal species are being killed in the process as well as their habitats being destroyed. Every year, up to 5,000 orangutans die at the hands of deforestation. We believe that we can make an impact through our shop. On a termly basis, our shop will be selling chocolates, soap, shampoo, conditioner bars and coffee. These products will be eco-friendly wrapped and palm oil free or use sustainably sourced palm oil.”

Well done to the pupils for being so forward-thinking and devising this superb idea. Keep an eye out for the official shop launch in May!