Students Presented with Prestigious Awards

Sixth Form 16-18
Posted on: March 30th 2021

Arthur evans

Although sadly this year we were unable to hold a Senior School End of Term Assembly in the Memorial Hall, a special virtual Awards Assembly was held earlier in the final week of term, led by College Head, Kathy Crewe-Read.

Kathy congratulated numerous pupils on their achievements during the Spring and Autumn Terms, as well as announcing those who had been awarded Drama Colours, Music Colours and the prestigious Arthur Evans Award.

Drama colours Music colours

The Arthur Evans Award is presented at the discretion of the Head on the recommendation of and consultation with Housemasters and mistresses. The award, which is in memory of former College Headmaster from 1944-57, Arthur Evans, is awarded to pupils who have made an outstanding contribution to their school, by their achievements, performances or example and leadership, and have notably enhanced the school’s social, cultural and scholastic life.

This year, Kathy was thrilled to have presented awards to the following students: 

Autumn Term Arthur Evans Autumn Term Drama Colours Autumn Term Music Colours Pettit Award Spring Term Arthur Evans Spring Term Music Colours

Freddie Cooke

Libby Haddow

George Craft 

Amy Jenkins

Nicholas Botha

James Daniels
Fifi Dunphy Lydia Hallwood Joshua Charsley   James Daniels  
Clara Hall Carissa Pham Evie Grattan   Will Keen  

Holly Harrison

Saffron Slowe Clara Hall   Ellie Lewis  
Lauren Homan   Lauren Homan    Lana Vitorovic  
Sachi Patel   Katie Loftus      
Alex Povey   Phoebe Morris      
Edward Suckling   Zahra Munir      
Anya Wilson   Alex Povey       
Penny Zacharatou   Eleanor
    Edward Suckling      
    Anya Wilson      
    Owain Wilson      

The College would also like to extend particular congratulations to James Daniels for his Army scholarship. 

James army scholarship

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