College Community Takes on Strava

Senior 13-16
Posted on: January 26th 2021

In the Senior School, pupils have been tasked in their year groups to complete weekly challenges on Strava including House competitions and meeting a set target such as completing 500km. Set up by the Sports Department, the challenges encourage pupils to continue to get outside and exercise, whether that be walking, running or cycling, which is essential for wellbeing at this time, as well as continuing to inspire friendly competitiveness between the Houses.

4th form 18 24 jan L5th 18 24 jan U5th 18 24 jan

So far, 145 pupils have signed up and have collectively completed over 1,680km of exercise with the Lower Sixth currently leading at 474km.

L6th 18 24 jan U6th 18 24 jan

Staff across the College have also been encouraged to join their own Strava group and have so far completed challenges including travelling a combined total of 300km in one week, and travelling the distance from the College to Land’s End, a total of 539km. 

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