Let 'The Green Games' Begin!

Senior 13-16
Posted on: January 25th 2021

UPDATE - Tuesday 2nd February

Baking collective

Last week the Tee House girls continued with 'The Green Games' and this time were tasked to put their culinary skills to the test in a baking/cooking challenge. The only rule was that the final result had to be green! 

Baking appeared to be the favourite method of cooking and the girls cooked a variety of delicious green treats including cupcakes, cinnamon swirls, cookies and more. Congratulations to the Upper Sixth who were the winning year group for this challenge, racing up the leader board. 

As well as their Green Games challenge, this week the girls were also tasked to make sure they get outside to have some fresh air, a break from screens and support their well-being and mental health.

Daily walks collective

Green games photography collective

To keep their spirits up throughout the lockdown and this period of remote learning, Tee House girls and staff have initiated a series of weekly challenges for them all to take part in called 'The Green Games'.

Each week the House will be set a brand-new challenge. Last week saw the first of these challenges based on the theme of photography; the girls were tasked to gather anything green in their homes and create an interesting photo. From avocado cushions, to green vegetables, and succulents and house plants to green stationery, the girls found a very vast array of items.

Pets collective

Several studies have proven that there are benefits in viewing pictures of cute animals for well-being and mental health. The photos can boost feelings of happiness and ease feelings of worry. With this in mind, the girls all took photos of their household pets and shared their wonderful photos with each other.

Watch this space for more challenges the girls will complete over the next few weeks!

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