Medical Centre

Medical Centre InteriorIn the well-equipped and quietly situated Medical Centre, the resident full-time Nurse, two part-time Nurses and full-time Health Care Assistant provide a high standard of medical care with 24 hour emergency cover.
A member of the medical team is always on duty/on call - boarding pupils have emergency access to the Medical Centre 24 hours a day. Pupils can attend any of the 4 regular clinics which are held Monday to Saturday for general concerns and non medical emergencies. Our medical staff are always happy to discuss with parents any health problems and management of medical conditions.

Normal hours for routine visits are as follows:

7.45am - 8.15am Before Assembly
10.45am - 11.15am Morning Break
1.15pm - 2.00pm Lunch Time
5.00pm - 5.30pm Tea Time

After 17.30pm every evening and all day Sunday, House parents must contact the Medical Centre by phone prior to pupil the attending clinic.

In addition, the School Medical Officer holds a surgery each week. Outside of these times, appointments can be requested via the Medical Centre/Houseparent.

If a boarder is not well enough to attend school they will be cared for within the Medical Centre until a parent/guardian can collect them. Boarding pupils who are infectious will be cared for intially by the medical team, but must be collected within 24 hours by a parent/guardian to avoid the condition spreading to others. Day pupils will also be cared for until their parents can arrange to collect them. 

Routine National Health Service immunisation programmes are carried out as required for all pupils.

Medical Centre RoomParents of full boarders are normally expected to arrange routine Optician/Dental/Orthodontist checks and any subsequent treatment required during the school holidays. However, emergency treatment is available to all boarders.

The College Nurses support teaching staff to ensure that all pupils, whether day or boarding, receive excellent pastoral care, provide First Aid training to pupils and staff and when required, are involved in the delivery of PSHE.

Parents are welcome to contact the nurses if they have any concerns regarding their child's health and well being.

In the Prep School, the Matron provides a comforting first port of call.

All the Pre-Prep staff are paediatric First Aid qualified. The Medical Centre are always on hand to support and advise Pre-Prep staff and administer any prescribed medication required during the school day.

The College has access to a School Counsellor, who comes into the Medical Centre as required and offers confidential support to all students.  Please contact the Medical Centre to arrange an appointment.

Medical Centre telephone: 01279 838615

This number also connects directly to the Nurse on call outside of clinic hours.