Healthy Eating

Bishop's Stortford College is committed to providing excellent nutrition for all our pupils. We know that a healthy, balanced and nutritionally robust diet supports outstanding teaching and learning. We have therefore engaged Chartwells Independent, experts in the provision of food in the independent schools market.

Working in partnership, Chartwells Independent and the College are fully committed to a varied programme of healthy eating, one where all meals are prepared, on the premises, from fresh ingredients.

With a strong emphasis on the health and wellbeing of pupils, Chartwells Independent design menus that aim to elevate nutritional standards across the board. Menus with broad appeal, including a wide variety of ingredients and cuisines to encourage our pupils to try new things whilst enjoying a balanced diet. 

All meals are served in the College dining hall… and yes, good table manners and healthy eating habits are encouraged! Pre-Prep and Prep School pupils have at least one member of staff sharing each table to supervise and encourage good manners.

Pupils' views are also listened to, through a committee of pupils and staff who meet regularly with Chartwells to discuss ideas and share feedback. Our Healthy Eating policy provides details of the practices we have in place to achieve high standards in healthy eating.  

"They [pupils] make good choices at lunchtime, and, supported by the proactive catering department, ensure that their plate of food is a balanced one".  ISI Inspection  2017

For Those Peckish Moments...

    In the Prep School boarding house, snacks are provided at break-times, tuck boxes are available each evening and a tuck shop operates over the weekend. In the Senior School boarding houses, snacks and fruit are available throughout the day. Toast is a particular favourite. There are kitchen facilities for boarders who wish to flex their culinary muscles!

Breakfast, Lunch & Supper Menus


Allergy Management

An Allergy Aware menu, Nut Aware menu and Pupil Medical Diet menus are created by Chartwells medical nutritionists in advance of the start of term (prior to any new menus being served). They will be as close as possible to the main menus. Allergen lanyards are worn by Prep School pupils in the Dining Hall with an allergen or intolerance indicated on their medical records. This can be either an Allergy and Intolerance (AAI), Coeliac or non-AAI/intolerance. A lanyard will be given to a Prep School pupil with a non AAI/intolerance unless the parent has informed the medical team that they are happy with their child to self-manage their food choices and can be exempt from wearing a lanyard.  

The Allergy Aware menu is set up on the allergy counter until 1pm. Pupils with allergies within the '14 legislative allergens' can choose at the allergy counter as it is all suitable and free from the 14 allergens. All Prep School AAI and Coeliac pupils should eat from this counter as recommended by the Independent Schools Catering Consultants. The only exemption is for those who ONLY have a nut allergy as we are a 'nut aware' school.  Pupils with only a nut allergy can go to ANY main counter and will still be identified with a lanyard and green tray. The nut aware menu will be checked for any 'may contain' products and those will not be served to the pupil. 

Senior School pupils can self-manage their food choices, can request dietary specific food from any of the counters and if required, consult the allergen menus available.  

Allergy records for the menus are displayed in the Dining Hall. Pupils are always encouraged to consult these menus if they have any concerns about ingredients. This approach encourages allergen self-management.