Is Your Child Ready For School?

Posted on:

23 February 2022

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Pre-Prep pupil running and smiling

Choosing the right school, especially for those starting for the first time, is always a daunting prospect for parents. You may find yourself asking, "Is my child ready? Have I done enough to prepare them? Is there anything else I should be doing to help and support them?" 

Join us from 8.45am for a 9am start on Saturday 23rd April to hear from our Head of Pre-Prep, Belinda Callow, and the rest of the Pre-Prep team to discover the answers to all of these questions and learn what you can do to support your child as they begin school. 

The talk will focus on sharing a 'toolbox' of skills that children would benefit from having to get them school ready and enable the best start possible and maximise the experience they have. 

Pre-Prep pupil learning

The Pre-Prep team will cover the 5 key areas that are viewed as the most important aspects for getting children ready: 

  1. social and emotional skills
  2. language rich (books, words, storytelling)
  3. gross motor
  4. fine motor
  5. independence

The team will also talk about literacy and numeracy skills to explore, plus what you can look for within the nursery/playgroup environments. 

This school readiness talk is free of charge to all local pre-school parents, no matter what their school of choice may be.

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Those who would like to tour the Pre-Prep can do so by registering to attend our Open Morning (which will begin after the talk).

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Posted on:

23 February 2022

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