Dramatic Literature Live Final

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9 February 2022

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Following the preliminaries on 26th January, the English Department held the annual Literature Live Final earlier this week on 7th February in the Ferguson Lecture Theatre. 

Narrowed down from a superb level of entries, the final saw Rowe, RPH, Hayward, Benson and Sutton in the Junior Competition (4th Form), Trotman, Collett, Benson, Rowe and Hayward battle it out in the Intermediate Competition (5th Form) and Collett, Benson, Tee, Alliott and Sutton up against each other in the Senior Competition (6th Form). 

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All the readings were delivered with drama, confidence, poise and zeal, making it especially hard for guest judge, local author and Festival of Literature regular, Chris Whitaker, to make his decision on the winners. 

Well done to all the performers, but congratulations to Seb H who won the 4th Form competition representing Rowe House, Harriet C, Olivia S, Alisa Z and Amy J who won the 5th Form competition for Benson House, and to Tilly C who won the 6th Form competition, also representing Benson House! 

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Posted on:

09 February 2022

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