Prep School Parents

Prep School Parents

The Parent Community at the Prep School can be, if you wish to engage, an absorbing and full experience. Besides the usual parent teacher consultations there are many opportunities to mix with other parents at matches, performances and social or fundraising events organised by The Friends.

Match Days  

These are special and numerous in the Prep School. Lower and Upper Shell parents will receive letters with match details in advance. All other pupils look at the Games Notice Board the day before the match day in order to see if they have been selected and to note down pick-up times and other relevant details. Team Lists and details of start and pick up times after matches can be found by following the login link for SOCS Website Login on the College website. 

Helping out

There are also opportunities to help out with school events such as the Festival of Literature and at Open Events and reading with pupils in the Library.

As with the College Community, we aim for the parent community to be as inclusive and as supportive of our pupils as possible.