Through the Bishop's Stortford College scholarship programme, we aim to foster and celebrate excellence. Scholarships are awarded to candidates who show outstanding talent, based on ability and potential.

Scholarship Awards

  • 10+/Year 6 entry - Academic and Music
  • 11+/Year 7 entry - Academic, Music, Art and Sport
  • 13+/Year 9 - Academic, Music, Art and Sport
  • 16+/Sixth Form entry - Academic, Music, Art and Sport

Age categories for candidates

    Year Group Age*
10+ Form 2 Year 6 10 years
11+ Lower Third Year 7 11 years
13+ Fourth Form Year 9 13 years
16+ Lower Sixth Year 12 16 years

*Age on 1st September of the year of entry 

A note about Financial Assistance Awards

A College Scholarship is entirely related to a child’s ability and potential. If there is concern about affording the fees, then families are encouraged to apply for means-tested Financial Assistance (traditionally known as a Bursary). The scholarship and financial assistance applications are considered separately. The need for financial assistance does not determine the level of discount offered with a scholarship award.

Applications for Scholarships and/or Financial Assistance must be submitted with the main College Application Form. Please click here to fill in an Application Form. 

To view our most frequently asked questions relating to scholarships, please click here


Prep School 10+ 11+ Scholarships

Parents are invited to apply for their child to be considered for an Art, Music or Sport Scholarship Award by completing the Scholarship Indication of Interest Form, together with the College Application Form, by Friday 25th November 2022. Following receipt you will be sent further information in mid-December.

The application deadline for entry, scholarships and financial assistance is Friday 25th November 2022.

Prep School Art, Music and Academic Scholarship Assessments take place on Thursday 26th January 2023.

Prep School Sport Scholarship Assessments take place on Wednesday 25th January 2023.

Offer of a place, in conjunction with the offer of a scholarship award and/or financial assistance, if applicable, will be made by Friday 10th February 2023. Offer of a place must be accepted by early March 2023.

13+ and 16+ Sport Scholarship Information

Sport scholarships are awarded on entry to the Fourth Form (Year 9) and Lower Sixth Form (Year 12) to attract or retain outstanding sportsmen and sportswomen who will contribute to raising the standard and profile of College sport through an exceptional level of sporting performance and by providing excellent role models.


Sport scholarships will be awarded to those who will bring distinction to the College through sport in terms of their performance, attitude and conduct.

They will be expected to:

  • Excel in at least one of the school’s core sports (Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Swimming or Tennis.)
  • Possess significant future potential.
  • Demonstrate impressive personal qualities and sporting leadership.
  • Achieve the required academic standard for the College and optimise their academic potential.


Candidates are invited to complete the application form on the admissions portal, together with references from their Head of Sport and at least one specialist coach. The deadline for applications is 23rd October (16+) and 25th November (13+).


Applicants will be invited to attend an assessment day on Friday 18th November (16+) and Friday 27th January (13+) which will involve:

  • Physical ability and fitness tests.
  • Sport specific practical assessments.
  • An interview with the Director of Sport and Head of Sport.


Scholarship offers will be made after 2nd December (16+) and by 10th February (13+).



13+ and 16+ Art & Music Scholarship Information

Art and Music scholarships are awarded on entry to the Fourth Form (Year 9) and Lower Sixth Form (Year 12).

13+ Art and Music scholarship assessments will take place on Tuesday 31st January 2023.

16+ Art and Music scholarship assessments will take place on Friday 4th November 2022.

Recommended Level of Performance for Scholarship Application at 13+ and 16+

Candidates will be expected to have reached the following standard or equivalent level of performance:

Cricket 13+ County Level
  16+ County Level
Hockey 13+  County Level
  16+ Talent Academy or higher
Netball 13+ Satellite Academy
  16+ County Academy
Rugby 13+  County/Regional Academy 
  16+  Divisional Level
Swimming        13+ County Level 
  16+ Regional Level
Tennis 13+ County Level (minimum player rating of 5.2)
  16+ Regional Level (minimum player rating of 5.2)