Sutton House

Sutton and Benson HousesWelcome to Sutton House, one of the three Boys' Day Houses at Bishop’s Stortford College. Our aim is to provide an open and friendly environment to encourage all the boys to participate fully in all aspects of College life, thus ensuring that they get the most possible from their time at the College.




Housemaster: Mr James Ferguson

Deputy Housemistress: Ms Caroline Cottee

All members of the House are under the care and guidance of their Housemaster, Mr James Ferguson, and their Tutors. On a day to day basis, some of the routine affairs of the House are delegated to senior pupils, led by two Joint Heads of House.

Sutton is a community of students, but also of parents and of families and this sense of community is central to the spirit and atmosphere of the House. Indeed, during recent interviews for the position of Head of House each candidate commented on the strength and spirit of the House. As a Day House, Sutton is where approximately 65 boys will be based for their five years in the Senior School; it is where they arrive at school in the morning and the place they go home from at the end of the day. 

The House itself is located in a central position adjacent to the Dining Hall. It is equipped with changing rooms, a large communal common room in addition to individual common rooms for each year group. There are two kitchens, which are available to all pupils in the House. The communal common room is equipped with a large screen television, DVD player and pool table as well as ample seating. Individual year group common rooms have study areas, sofas and lockers.

Sutton House has a strong tradition of academic excellence and over the years has performed very well in House competitions such as Debating and the Brains Trust general knowledge quiz; Sutton is currently the holder of the Junior Debating trophy. However, the House has also built an impressive reputation in a number of sporting competitions; with wins and runner-up position in the two most recent Senior Rugby festivals, a close second place in the Swimming gala and, with many strong Hockey players in the House, Sutton is full of sporting talent.

Sutton is a House that likes to compete and that likes to win, but ultimately, win or lose our main aim is to participate to the best of our ability, with good grace and a smile on our faces.  The House aims to recognise everybody’s individual talents, to value one another and to encourage and support each member of the House so that they can achieve their full potential in whatever they do.

Contact: 01279 838628