Benson House

Benson HouseWelcome to Benson House, which opened as the first Girls' Day House at the College in September 1999. At the heart of this thriving community is a simple philosophy: we aim to provide a happy and caring atmosphere in which every girl is encouraged to fulfil her individual potential whether academically, artistically, spiritually or socially, and we provide the structures and guidance necessary to achieve this.


Benson House was launched under the maxim ‘Dare to be different’ and, to date, there is justifiable pride in both the individual and collective achievements of this happy and flourishing House.

Housemistress: Mrs Angustias Estrella

Deputy Housemistress: Ms Charlotte Munck

Benson House is the home, during the school day, of seventy Senior School girls. Each year group has their own form room where they can store books, work and socialise. We meet as a whole House twice a day for roll call in the main common room and enjoy the company of those in other years through our regular social nights, quizzes and House competitions such as House Music, Debating, Brains Trust and a wide variety of sporting fixtures.

Benson House unison singing House Music 2018 Benson House play in House Netball 2019

We are a successful House that nurtures and embraces the talents of all those within our fold.

The Housemistress, supported by the House Tutors, has the principal responsibility for every aspect of a girl's welfare and life at school. On a day to day basis, senior pupils take responsibility for many of the routine affairs of the House, with a team of Monitors led by the Head of House and Deputy Head of House. In addition, every pupil has a Tutor. All members of the House thus have various people to approach should the need arise.

Girls are encouraged to use whichever avenue they wish in order to seek help, guidance or advice. There is never a shortage of sympathetic ears!

In Benson House we are lucky enough to occupy one of the older buildings on the College site; Westfield House, as it was once called, was purchased by the College in 1926 and had many different uses before it became Benson House in 1997. Once a former Victorian villa, the building has spacious rooms and a homely feel.

At the heart of the building is the large communal common room in which all the girls register and prepare for, or celebrate, House events. Everything from Brains Trust quizzes, House Debating, House Music, charity events and, of course, the regular House social evenings such as the PJ and Pizza night, are all hosted in this room.

During break times it is particularly alive with activity, generally relating to tea and toast making; a very important part of any Bensonite's day! The large grand piano is the focal point of the room and, after school, collections of girls can often be found playing their favourite songs and singing.

Each year group then also has their own common room where they can work, socialise and store their books. Alongside their work rooms, the Sixth Form pupils within the House have their own common room where they can relax. We also benefit from a large changing room where all girls are provided with lockers to keep their sports kit and equipment.

Benson House really is a home from home, where every girl can feel safe, relaxed and academically supported, but, most importantly, enjoy and develop long lasting friendships.

Contact: 01279 838666

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