Day Houses


Benson House runners in Pearl & Yeo Cup 2019 Monk jones house pupils

Monk-Jones pupils are best known for their fighting spirit and their enthusiasm.  Monk-Jonesers always have a go and give their all in House competitions, striving to win.

We have a strong history of being very artistic and so enjoy and do well in House Art, House Photography and House Music competitions.  We also have some extremely skilful chess players in our House and so historically enjoy much success in the annual House Chess competition.

We have a wonderful House, full of talented, creative, sporty, and motivated pupils. The pupils’ effort to win the House Cup each term is impressive and shows just how much dedication and commitment Monk Jonesers have. Indeed, our House motto is “Dream, dare, do”.

Monk-Jones is an extremely friendly House that enjoys fun and humour, and we refuse to be anything other than positive.


Prep School House Music Winners with Trophy 2019 Newbury House girls at Marathon 2019

Newbury  House has a well-earned reputation as a strong contender for each term’s Winning House Supper and we are a very loyal and competitive House who enter into everything wholeheartedly. Newbury pupils are proud to wear the purple tie and the motto on our banner is “Purple Reign” (a play on words of the song “Purple Rain” and the fact that we wear a traditionally regal colour and like to reign supreme in House events!). Our mascot is Eeyore. He is particularly popular with the younger members of the House and he comes to all our matches and competitions to support Newbury.

Newbury House has recently done particularly well in athletics and House Music. We have many very talented and enthusiastic pupils and House events always bring out the best in them all, as they are encouraged to take part in so many diverse competitions from French spelling, art and general knowledge to the more traditional marathon, hockey and rugby. There is something for everybody and the most important thing in Newbury  is taking part, having a go and supporting the House. Newbury House pupils are resourceful, supportive of one another, will try anything and are gracious winners and losers. Go Newbury House – Purple Reign!


Westfield Pupils are winners on sports day 2019 Westfield House singing at Prep School House Music 2019

Westfield pupils are well known in the Prep School for having a go at everything. Whatever the House competition or challenge, Westfielders will enter in their droves. We don't always win but in terms of sheer volume of entries for particular competitions and teams, we invariably set the pace and this is something we as House leaders really appreciate.

Every term we are motivated to win the House Cup and the pupils always give a phenomenal effort. Their enthusiasm makes it a pleasure for us to lead the House. We have a strong tradition of doing well in Sports Day and House Swimming and we love House Music too. When we do win the Cup, the response of the pupils is always wonderful and they volunteer to help prepare, tidy, make banners or whatever needs doing. That is what makes Westfield special - all pupils having the chance to take part and contribute. Our motto is 'Per Ardua Ad Astra' which is the Royal Air Force motto and means 'Through hard work to the stars'.